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What is the passive house?

Due to the heating of the air, the thermal insulation and the power, it maintains an ambient temperature all year round. A house is composed of a simple structure and should be oriented to store as much solar energy as possible to the south when possible. More informations : . The concept of a passive house was created in the 1970s after numerous tests and is based on German construction criteria: a passive house is more expensive to build than a so-called "conventional" house. Its price could be 20% higher, but its residents will probably save money through a significant reduction in their long-term energy costs.

Steps to build a passive house

The construction of a passive house costs between 15 and 25% more than a conventional house (thermal study, reinforced insulation, special carpentry, equipment adapted to heat recovery, etc.), but its construction system and equipment significantly reduce energy inputs. To know more about luxury real estate Cannes, contact professionals . As a result, the initial cost, although higher, is more economical over time. In addition, the house is ahead of the thermal regulations. Since its heritage value is greater than that of an equal home, your home will be easier to sell.

Learn more about the positive energy house

A favourable energy house is also, as its name suggests, a house that generates more than it consumes. In practice, this generally means that it can create its own energy in such a way as to cover both the primary energy costs of its occupants (heating and hot water, auxiliaries - ventilation such as - and lighting) and those generated by households. With positive energy houses, we are not strictly speaking talking about energy efficiency to be "achieved" but rather about expenses to be "paid for".

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