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The different styles of passive houses

There is a passive house a house that recycles the energy it generates and also uses very little electricity. Due to the functioning of the ventilation, its thermal insulation and its power, it maintains a moderate ambient temperature all year round. For example, in a passive house, heat from the outside (sunlight) and heat from the inside (inhabitants and machines) are used to heat the house. For more informations about real estate Monaco, contact professionnal. A house should face south when possible, so as to store as much energy as possible and has an architecture that is simple enough to achieve its energy objectives. It is possible to build a passive house based on regional or alternative architectural styles, with all types of materials and construction methods, provided that the conditions and orientation have been taken into account in its layout.

The purchase cost of the passive house

You are wondering about the cost of buying passive houses. And of course, they are more expensive: better materials, the intervention of an architect or a design office, excellent construction, etc. Discover : . The bill increases. Therefore, it is considered that the construction of a passive house can cost between 15% and 25% more than a "conventional off-site" house. But this additional cost must be compared to the long-term savings: the passive house allows you to make considerable savings in the long term, by avoiding cooling in summer and heating. So the bet is intriguing if you build for life.

What is the positive energy house?

A BEPOS house generates more energy than it absorbs. Moreover, it can be specified otherwise: it consumes less energy than it produces... The calculation based on the average of a year also includes the electrical appliances used by its own inhabitants. Energy houses are low and, at the same time, prefer the comfort of the inhabitants. There is no question of feeling cold in winter or too hot. They make it possible, without taking anything away from your 24th birthday, to limit the effects of the continuous increase in energy costs on your financing. The plans have been designed with current lifestyles in mind. They all include open, beautiful lounges that keep the night spaces calm.

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